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What to Pack for a Bermuda Cruise

Welcome to our expert tips on what to pack for a cruise from Boston to Bermuda. Travelers' wants and needs are different of course, but a few general rules can make packing easer for anyone.

Don't overpack. Only bring as much luggage as you are comfortable managing yourself. The video below is a good primer on the essentials to pack for a cruise.

You'll be outside a lot, so remember to bring sunscreen, lip balm (with SPF), sunglasses and a hat. More than one swimsuit is a good idea if you're going in the water. Bring sandals for the beach.

On Bermuda, dress casually but nice. No short-shorts or bathing suits in town. It's the home of long Bermuda shorts, so bring some of those. A sweater is nice for cool nights, and a rain shell is good for rainy days. Comfortable walking shoes are essential!

If you participate in formal night activities on the ship (which you should), you will need to bring formal or semi-formal wear. Check with your cruise line for what is expected on your specific ship.

A small backpack is useful when in port.

You will need a passport for a cruise to Bermuda. Also a second form of identification, and copies of the passport and the ID packed in a different place than the originals.

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