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American Cruise Lines is cruising out of Boston. Throughout the summer, their small ships visit beautiful small New England ports that the larger ships cannot. See the full list of ports of call and departures below.

American Cruise Lines ships are made in America and have an all-American crew. The staterooms are spacious with hotel-size private bathrooms, and some have balconies. The dining room accommodates all guests at once. Enjoy afternoon tea, complimentary cocktail hour, and evening entertainment.

Meals on board feature local specialties such as lobster, blueberry pie, and chowder.


10-night Grand New England cruises. Round-trip from Boston to Provincetown (Massachusetts), Newport (Rhode Island), Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts), Gloucester (Maine), Camden (Maine), Bar Harbor (Maine), Rockland (Maine), Boothbay Harbor (Maine) and Portland (Maine).
• 2019 departures: May 18, May 28, June 7, June 17, June 27, July 7, July 17, July 27, August 6, August 16, August 26, September 5, September 15.


10-night Grand New England cruises. Round-trip from Boston to Portland (Maine), Bar Harbor (Maine), Camden (Maine), Rockland (Maine), Boothbay Harbor (Maine), Gloucester (Massachusetts), Newport (Rhode Island), Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) and Provincetown (Massachusetts).
• 2020 departures: May 13, May 23, June 2, June 12, June 22, July 2, July 12, August 1, August 11, August 21, August 31, September 10, September 20.

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